Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where are you taking me....

I had no clue where Robbie Creek was. I'd heard of it, mostly from people who "ran" it. but I had no clue where it was, or even what direction it was in. But being home (and jobless) we have had lots of time to do things as a family.

Maybe losing my job was a blessing after all?

So Tim decided to take us to this place, and the drive alone was nice. We dont head out past Lucky peak enough it seems. Once we got there the kids immediately flocked to the pirate ship.

It was a pretty hot day, and I totally spaced grabbing the kids' swim suits/trunks. but then again, I had no idea what this place was so how was I to know?

We spent some time wading in the waters, and i think everyone, Opha included(see her way ahead on the edge of the water?), had FUN!

Khloe's favorite thing was chasing the butterflies. There was so many, and she loved them! but she did find a special treasure, one that she could actually hold.

TC made a friend there fortunately, and he had such a great time hiking the little trails with him and wading in the water. Khloe enjoyed herself just following her brother. It was a great day and I cant wait to go back!