Sunday, June 19, 2011

Well hello there sunshine!

yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I totally have a big FAIL on my blog site.

I mean, a BIG FAIL!

but thats ok.... Ill make up for it. lets get a recap going here real quick

TC finished Kindergarten and became a BIG boy first grader!!!

And here the cutie is with his bestie!

We recently went up to Mccall at the cabin for a long weekend. Khloe really enjoyed herself since this was the first time she could actually 'explore'. She even went fishing for the first time AND caught her very own fish!!!

And tc, of course, enjoyed himself just fine.

I found out about 7 weeks ago that we were expecting our third child. It wasn't planned, and I cried for 2 days straight. Yes, I know that sounds awful and terrible and just disgusting. But its the truth. We are not in the right place to have another one, and I am so not ready to deal with it. but ive had 7 weeks to get over the shock and dissapointment and Im finally starting to come to my senses. Im finally starting to get excited. Yes, this is going to be hard for everyone, especially Khloe- but we will get through it. Ive said from the beginning that God wont give me more than I can handle, and Tim really believes that everything happens for a reason. I know that once this child comes, I wont even be able to imagine my life without them. Im already starting to feel that way now.

So, Im just barely in my 13 weeks. I had a early ultrasound to find out how far along I was (because I had had surgery 2 weeks prior and had been on two medications your not supposed to take while pregnant. woops!), I was just over 6 weeks. Our due date is 12/24/11, but knowing me and babies... it will, Im sure, be earlier by at least 3 weeks if not more.

2 weeks after we found out we were expecting, I lost my job.

I mean... REALLY!?

The ONLY income my family had, was ripped out from underneath us. How life altering is this?! It almost felt like some sick joke. but it wasnt, it was reality and we had to figure something out and fast. Finally got unemployment, and Im still working on getting insurance. Every day is a struggle anymore, but Im trying to stay above water and keep my faith.

Right now we are waiting to hear back from Micron if Tim got a job there. he still has school until December but his instructor took his resume to the head tech guy out there, and everything has been great so far. They really want to hire him, but were concerned about his school. Once he went in there for his third interview, it was 3.5 hours long and he met like 5 different people who did 5 different interviews. he said it felt really good.... but now we are just in the sit and wait time.

At this point... we NEED this... more than anything.