Monday, June 20, 2011

Please vote for us!!!

I recently submitted a photo of Khloe to a website called babycenter. Its a photo contest and the big prize is a brand new BOB stroller. These strollers are amazing and I have always wanted one, but if you've seen their price, you know its way outta my league. matter of fact, our budget for this baby due in December doesnt even have a stroller on the list :/

So if you have time please vote for us. here is what you have to do
1: Go to and create an account. They will ask for your name, a usernam, and your email.
2: then you go to this link and you click on the sweet picture of Khloe laying in her bathing suit on the trampoline with her hair sticking up. LOL

We are right now, in first place. but there is still 5 days left of the contest so unless I can keep the votes coming in, we wont stand a chance! :(