Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have 3 people that I know that are pregnant right now. A friend that I met online (she has a June 2005 & a December 2008 baby as well), a coworked, and my sister. They all are just a couple weeks a part from eachother.

My friend found out first, that she is having her first boy.

My co worker found out last week that she was having a boy, after months of just *knowing* it was a girl.

And today..... we found out ym sister is expecting her very first little boy!!!

I am so happy for her, and excited for whats to come! She has a little princess that will have her boat rocked a little at first, but will warm up to the idea once he comes. I tried telling her how different it is having a boy and then a girl. I mean, I was amazed at the difference in everything when I had Khloe. Everything was different! But its not something I can really put into words... you just have to go through it to understand I guess. Not to mention, that its no secret my sister is very particular and set in her ways.... and a boy is going to throw her for a loop! But I think it will be good for her. A little boy to break her down. :)

A little boy that will steal her heart the very minute he comes in this world.

A boy that I will welcome into the this world too, Im not missing another one of my sister's birth. No way. No how.

Congratulations big sis!
(P.S I hope his name is Mr E!!)


Nicole said...

Awwww...thanks sis! I can't wait to meet our little boy! I am still a little shocked, but I am definitely warming up to the idea. I am going to hit the big Fall Consignment sale tomorrow. And, yes, I bet his name will be E.