Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Family visit and Changing a diaper

We enjoyed a nice long weekend with my sister for Labor Day. It was nice to visit with her and Sydnie,

and of course rub the little belly thats cooking with my sister. She finds out what she is having this coming week and we are so excited!!

Mom came and spent the weekend with us too. We enjoyed board games and home cooked meals. We also went downtown and saw a few little boutique stores. Stores that I have seen on facebook (and Im "freinds" with), but have never actually been in one. Apparently downtown is still having their weekly saturday market so we were lucky enough to catch the tail end of that before we found the stores we were looking for.

Khloe learned something new this weekend. She was playing with her doll like she does everyday, but then out of nowhere.... the girl starts to gag. Of course its not a real gag, its one of those pretend gags.

So all of us asked her if her baby "stinks", and she said "Tinks!" and kept gagging. So I just told her to go get a diaper and change her baby.

So she did.

It was pretty amusing, to watch her try and change her babies diaper.