Thursday, September 9, 2010

Awana for TC

Ive been wanting to put TC into some type of extra curricular activity. Last year we tried soccer, and he didnt seem to really like playing as much as I had hoped. I found a really close church (Calvary Chapel) that does AWANA and I thought it would be good for him.

I was extremely worried about just dropping him off and leaving him, but once I got to the church and they had a very extensive kid checkin process I felt much better about it.

They meet every wednesday. On the third meeting, he gets his vest. He can only get his vest once he finishes his starter packet, which basically is reading this comic book and memorizing John 3:16. I think he gets his AWANA book at the same time.

When I picked him up last night he was so excited, and happy about his first class. I am really excited about this for him and I hope it turns out well.


Sue Tough said...

Dear Kayla,
Awana headquarters is forming an advisory e-mail panel of parents. Our goal is to seek out the input of parents from different geographic areas, church sizes and experience levels throughout the 2010-11 Awana ministry year. We want to gain a better understanding of your family’s needs, interests and challenges so we can be of greater service to you. If you are interested in joining the panel, please e-mail me.