Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tomorrow is only the beginning

Yes, I realize my little boy is not a baby anymore. That doesn't change how sad I am here tonight just thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow for him is a great day, a day filled with playing, learning, friends, school, everything he loves! Tomorrow for me is the beginning of letting him go. Yes, ok that might be a little over the top.

But you sit here and look at the pictures of the day he became my son and you realize that time goes way too damn fast. 017








That before you know it your little prince is becoming a little man, right before your eyes. There is no stopping it. All you can do is bawl your eyes out, and smile. Tim and I both knew he would be ok, when yesterday Tim told TC  “You know there are 3 most important things in school” and he told TC it was to Listen to his teacher, Learn as much as he can and study (I kind of laughed because to me it sounded like he was talking to a high school student), but TC just looked at him and said with such a serious face, “I know Daddy (as he nods his head in agreeance). But you know the next most important thing. Be nice to your friends.” Man that kid knows more than we think he does. 

I know he will be OK, and the kid is smart as heck so I don't doubt him for a second. Its just realizing that he is growing up that is the hardest part. Knowing that he will be in school and his teacher will be teaching him all these wonderful things. That he is becoming his own little person. Just chokes me up. I guess I cant explain it any better than I have.

LOL I pray I don't embarrass myself tomorrow, and keep it together as I drop him off. Keep posted for the  First day of School picture….. you know I wont forget that!

Here is to the class 2023!!!!! You now have the most brightest, kindest, caring, sweet boy joining you in your journey.



Kristen said...

This was such a sweet post! That will be neat when TC read it when he's older and see how much you love him! I'm getting ready for Sawyer's first birthday and am in shock that a whole year has almost gone by! It's so insane how fast the time goes by. Sounds like you survived his first day, good job! :)

Nicole said...

Talk about getting choked, thanks a lot sis! I am happy for T.C. What a GREAT journey he is starting. He will be learning so much, and I know he will LOVE it! I can't wait to hear how it went.