Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten


Last night I asked him if he was excited, and he said YES! Then I asked him if he was nervous and he paused, and said “what's that?” LOL Silly boy!

I had to go into work today, but I left at 11 so I had enough time to get home and get TC and then take him to school. Tim was able to sneak out of school 1/2 hour early too, so TC got BOTH of us!

Summer 2010 002 Summer 2010 003

He was totally excited, and rearing to go!


So Tim and I brought him into his class, and he helped me unload all his school supplies in to their baskets and we got his name tag and then the teacher said it was time for parents to leave- really, I wanted to tell her that I could stay with my son as long as I wanted to…. but decided against it.

We went go pick him up and I never realized how overwhelming it is when all the kids in the school are let out at the same time and your trying to find your kid! IIt was especially challenging for us because we were picking up Madie as well, so Tim was watching one side of the school and I was watching the other. LOL

We found them and both of them had a great time and Madie looked at TC and said “so it was fun, wasn't it?” and TC nodded his head with a big smile and Madie replied “see. Told ya!” LOL I really am glad Madie is there to go through this with TC, even though she is a full grade ahead of him its nice to know that she is there and has his back.

Back to work I go, but let me share a picture I snapped before we left the school. Like the crazy photo mom I am I had them pose in front of the school sign. :)

Summer 2010 007