Friday, June 25, 2010

Stroll in the park for our…. engagements?

Yes, we are already married. Yes I know its very confusing. But if I just explain it, you'll understand. So last year we got married in the courthouse. It was a small, sweet ceremony with just our kids and parents. My mom was beside herself with what I think was disappointment. :/ She was so upset that we couldn't "wait" to have a real  wedding. The problem is though we were going on our 7th year of being together, and we already have two kids. Why wait!!?? So Tim and I made the decision to just do it, whether our family wanted to our not. Tim made the mistake of promising my mom that we would make it up to her, next year and we would have a more formal event. So here it is, "next year". Might as well go all out if we are gonna do it right? That's what I think anyways.

So I got a hold of a old classmate who is a fabulous photographer. Jolene with Snapshots By Jolene and she took some amazing pictures of Tim & I. Here are just a couple of my favorites....





Minus my big butt in the first one, I think they turned out GREAT! I cant wait to send them out to everyone!!!


Snapshots By Jolene said...

Yay! I can't wait for your wedding... thanks for the kuddos! :)