Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Girls Go for a ride!

Khloe being the youngest, is very brave and always getting into trouble. She thinks she is one of the big kids and never thinks twice about anything!!!! TC & Maddie both have a mustang hot wheels car that they drive, and usually they drive the two little babies (Cami & Khloe) around as their passengers. These days, Khloe has given up on being the passenger. She wants NOTHING to do with it! This girl likes to drive on her own! Its pretty funny watching her, because she has no idea how to steer. She cant even reach the pedals without being half under the steering wheel. But she figures it out, and she has the big “O” face every time it drives, like “OMG!” HAHA Its pretty funny. So Khloe likes to pick up her cousins Cami & Sydnie, and take them for a ride. Whether its a ride in circles or a nice little ride crashing into things…. as long as she is driving she is happy.

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