Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zoo Day

Its one of the best Spring days we have had here, so what better time than to go to the zoo! The zoo is one of TC’s favorite places to go, and I have a pretty big hunch it will be one of Khloe’s too. So Mom, Nicole, Sydnie, Kelsie, Macey, Chase, Kamdyn, TC, Khloe and me all packed up and caravaned to the Zoo Today. We lathered up the kids with High SPF sunscreen, and headed in. Khloe and Sydnie were decked out with their hats, looking very chic.

Spring 2010 441Sydnie actually kept hers on most of the time, where as Khloe took hers off oh about every 5 seconds.

Spring 2010 447Actually, I think Khloe was more concerned about making Snot bubbles, but I could be wrong.

Spring 2010 448Is it just me, or does it look like she is really  focusing on that snot bubble? HAHA actually I had no idea I caught this, she just sat there with her hands  in a fist when I put the sunglasses on and I thought it was funny. I didn't notice the snot bubble until tonight and about killed over from a laughing attack.

The older kids had a blast, and I just really wish Chase lived closer because TC really loves hanging out with him. Spring 2010 452

Spring 2010 463

And here is one of me (for once) and my big sister

Spring 2010 461

And of course, the best is saved for last. The giraffe slide. Again, Khloe has never been to the zoo and frankly she has never been on a slide this big….. But I think her face tells a million words!

Spring 2010 479 Spring 2010 477

Spring 2010 484I forsee our summer having many Zoo days his year. :)