Thursday, April 8, 2010

Save the TaTas

For those of you that dont know, My mom was diagnosed with Breast cancer. She underwent surgery and had a double mastectomy. I cant tell you how hard it was to watch. The fear that you might lose your mother, to a wreched disease. I pray no women have to feel that. I pray we dont have to ever hear those words "Its back" each night.

There isnt much I can do (besides pray). I mean Im not financially wealthy, and unfortunately God didnt give me any magical healing super powers. But I find my outlet being a part of the race. The Komen race for the cure.

Im doing it with my mom.

So I just ask if you have a few extra dollars, to please support us. Here is a link to my page, and here is a link to my moms. If you support anyone, please support her. Afterall, Im doing this for her.