Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!


We started it off yesterday by dying eggs. TC had a great time, and we learned early Khloe wasn't ready to do things like this when she threw the egg on the floor. Fantastic! LOL

DSC05700 DSC05703

We had such a wonderful day with our family today! We woke up early and actually got everyone ready just in time for church.

Khloe wasn't in the best of moods, being woken up so early…


But, once we got to church she warmed up and was pretty good during the service. I think about half way through Carol, My mother in law, took her and Tim’s sisters daughter to the nursery.

Then we all met back up at the In laws house and had a great time! TC got to hunt for his Easter basket (which for me, was the funnest part of Easter growing up), Khloe didn't really care so I just handed hers to her. 

DSC05726 DSC05728


The kids all had a blast!!! We had two families dyed eggs, so there was a ton to hide (and find!).  But we also just threw some on the ground for the little babes.

DSC05733 DSC05743     DSC05752DSC05760DSC05765







Khloe had a hard time keeping things in her basket….

DSC05739 DSC05741

She was so upset that that bunny kept falling out. She kept putting it back in… it was just so cute!

We went back in for a little snack since Khloe was just famished!!


And I don't know how I did it… but I finally caught her infamous scowl that she somehow picked up on…


Then of course… there is this picture. Which is too cute for words, and I'm just throwing it out there because its just that. CUTE!



Happy Easter everyone!