Saturday, April 24, 2010

Birthday Presents!

OK, so I got bit by the crafty bug and decided I would make my neice’s presents for her first Birthday. I decided this awhile ago, and even found one online that I wanted to “copy”. but, my confession is I’ve waited until the night before to really start making it. EEK!With the help of my father in law with cutting the wood the way I needed it, and only burning my self on one finger…. I was able to get the hair clip holder done with time to spare.

Spring 2010 120 

Spring 2010 121

Of course, after I finished it- it got all bubbly and I was so sad that it didn't turn out the way I had envisioned it. But, alas, the next morning not only brought sunshine, but the bubbles were GONE!

I also was able to finish the second part of my gift, a memory board. This can be used for a lot of different things; pictures, cards…. anything really!

Spring 2010 114

I am overall happy with the way they tuned out, but of course now that I have already done it there are things I would tinker with if I was to make them again. I hope Sydnie (or Nicole lol) enjoys them as much as I did making them.