Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome Baby Nelson

So Last week we made the 8 hour drive to my brothers to witness gods most beautiful thing! My sister in law brought in to this world of ours her third, beautiful, child Kamdyn Jean. I have only missed one niece/nephew birth and it wasn't by choice. I am bound and determined to not miss another one! There is something about being there, the day they see the world for the first time. Here are some pictures of her Birthday!!

Kamdyn Jean 033 Kamdyn Jean 038 Kamdyn Jean 044 Kamdyn Jean 061

Kamdyn Jean 074 Kamdyn Jean 071

She is so beautiful!! Khloe and her other cousin, Sydnie Leigh, are going to be the best of buddies!! It is going to be so awesome to see them grow up together and play with eachother. Khloe & Kamdyn are only 15 months apart, which in a couple years will seem like nothing!

Happy Birthday Kamdyn Jean!!