Monday, March 22, 2010

On to a New Chapter

Tim and I have been together for 7 years now (holy smokes that's a long time!). Since we have been together, we have not learned how to manage money. We always wondered how or why we couldn't pay our bills, and why would would have to take from peter to Pay Paul. We both made descent money to pay our bills. We discovered that neither of us were good with money. Neither of us could manage a check book or debit card, and surely neither of us could be trusted with credit cards. 7 years and one bankruptcy later.... we have learned our lesson.

The last 11 months we have been scrimping it with the bare minimum, all while paying off our debt. Yes, even after a bankruptcy we still had a SLEW of debt. Mostly medical, but debt none the less. I can officially say, with GREAT excitement, we have paid off all of our debt! It is an amazing feeling, and since we have been together, neither of us have known what being debt free feels like. Until now anyways.

Today we got 3 checks back, totalling more then 500$. Apparently we over paid on some bills. Since our bills are paid off, we are putting the money that we were paying off debt with, towards a savings. We also are getting a new bedroom set (since we don't have one), then we will work on getting the kids nice dressers and beds.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but for us- it is! Its a great feeling of accomplishment for the both of us! We couldn't have done it without the help of my father in law, and we still have a lot to learn. but we are on the right track, and we are definitely on to a new chapter in our life. The debt free chapter! ;)


Snapshots By Jolene said...

That is fantastic! Good for you, now if only I could do that! :)

Nicole said...

I am so proud of you baby sis! You and Tim both. Good job for sticking with it and learning a TON along the way. You are lucky to have such a caring and smart father-in-law who could help you reach your goals. Keep up the good work1