Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life isn't Easy

There is only one person, who has taught me the meaning of a smile. Only one person, that with one look can make me laugh.

My whole life my grandfather has been such a vital piece of my world. He has lived with us on our property since I was a little girl. Going out to spend time with him was always one of my favorite things to do. I found out last week, of his passing. My world came crashing down all in one phone call. His life was taken, and none of us were ready. How do you prepare for something like this? How do you get past the selfishness & the heartbreak? How do you fill this void?

I don't think you ever do.

Its always there, to remind you that they were here and left there mark. That they are a part of you, forever. All you can do is cherish the memories you do have, and live your life how they would want you to. I am a better person for knowing him, and blessed to be able to call him my Grandpa.

I never stop missing him.

Ill never stop hearing his laugh.

I’ll never forget his smile.

TC  4th bday n& 4th July 226Thank you Grandpa for all the wisdom you have given me. Thank you for accepting me, and loving me. Thank you for being you.

I will see you again, and I hope your keeping my seat warm!


Nicole said...

Tears of pain today...I read your post and you said it perfectly. He definitely left his mark on our lives and I will remember him and our memories forever. I love you Grandpa! ***I hope he is keeping my seat warm too!