Friday, March 26, 2010

Khloe’s 15 Month Wellness Appt

She is healthy as an ox! Such great news, but then again, that's everything we already knew. :)

Here are her Stats:

Weight: 23.13  (65%)

Height: 30 3/4  (55%)

Head: Cant remember what she said, but I do remember it was in the 90%. Go figure right, thanks to her Daddies genes!

She went down a little bit in percentiles with height & weight, but that was no surprise to her pediatrician since she is running now and so active.

I did mention that I sometimes notice her left eye is a little slow, and that strabismus does run in Tim’s family. She did a few exams and confirmed that for me. So she did suggest a referral to a ophthalmologist, just to see. We will keep you posted on that.

But she is doing wonderfully, and that's what is important to us! She officially has a fear of doctors, and she let our nice Dr Owens know how badly she didn't want to be there, and how well her lungs can work.