Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Crazies will not stop!

I have been MIA lately and I cant seem to catch a break! Ive been sick, kids have been sick, working on a projet I have to have done by next week. OY! Good news is I got my dress, woohoo! Needs to be sent to the cleaners and get all those wrinkles out from being shipped to me, but it looks absolutely beautiful if I do say so myself! ;)

Khloe is busy getting another tooth & growing hair. Yes, I said Hair. LOL I cant wait to be able to do her hair!!! LOL

TC is starting soccer soon and we are getting his kindergarten paperwork ready to be turned in next week.

Next week also brings a road trip with my momma! We are heading to Oregon to welcome my new neice or nephew! I cant wait! I really dont know how my sister in law has gone a whole freaking 9 months without knowing what she is having (she did that with her first too!). Seriously, the first 18 weeks were horrible because I could not wait to know what we were having.... well that and constant morning sickness. LOL Soooooo glad to not be pregnant right now. LOL Brings back all those memories, and right now Im happy to live vicariously through the beautiful pregnant mommas I know. :)


Kelsie said...

It doesn't get any easier Kayla!! When your kiddos start getting older you have so much more to do! Maybe they dont get sick quite as much, but the activities dont stop...sports, school events, friends, etc. You will be all over the place, trust me. :)
I cant wait to see you guys next week, Im ready to have this baby already and find out what it is Im glad we didnt find out tho, I wouldn't change it at all. Sorry you have Love you lots.