Sunday, March 21, 2010

3 Staples Later

So we decided to go through all of TC’s clothes from since he was born, to what he just grew out of. I have been totally against it, because those were my baby's clothes! OK, so most people probably don't get attached to clothes…. but I do. I see a shirt, and I can picture him in it, and everything he did while wearing it! Its like a picture! So I was practically near an emotional breakdown and having several panic attacks… but I went through them and went from 6 tote full of clothes, to 1. The 1 tote is stuff that I absolutely cannot get rid of!! I was so proud of my self!

So I went with my friend and her son to a local second hand kids store to drop them off and get in store credit for clothes for Khloe ( since that little squirt is growing like a weed!!).  They have a little corner section that is where kids can play. they have several toys and a TV in there. TC and my friends son were playing in there while my friend and I looked for clothes for Khloe. I heard him scream and cry and ran over there, knowing something was wrong because his cry was… different. When I saw him he didn't look bad, but when I turned him around to see where his hand was holding (the back of his head) he had blood dripping down his head. Knowing head wound bleed like crazy, I tried not to panic.

I took him in the bathroom and cleaned him up. Once I could actually see what kind of mark it was, it was apparent he needed stitches. So we booked it out of there, after we were treated rudely and carelessly, and went to the ER. TC had 3 staples put in his head and he was such a strong brave boy! I am so proud of him! I haven't really heard a peep from him since we got him, and he seems to be doing great! We have to go back in a week to get them out, and Im a little nervous about that. But we will manage.

I just thank God that nothing worse happened to him. I plan to go in to the store again on Monday and have a nice long chat with the manager about what happened, and how we were treated. then I will decide if we are going to pursue collecting reimbursement for his medical bills. You would think a “kids section” was kid proof, but I guess that's just me.

Here is TC in the ER with some coban on his head to numb the area before the staples were put in.

TC ER 3-2010