Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You put a hole where?

Surgery went well, as to be expected. I was later told that the same day I had my surgery, a chairmen or someone of that sort was having the same procedure died because his surgeon hit his small intestine. Very sad case, but thankfully as is well in our neck of the woods. Surgery was a bit more painful than I imagined. That's what I get for comparing it to a lumpectomy. For the record, getting your gall bladder out is nothing like a lumpectomy. Oh how I’d take another lumpectomy recovery over this.

The hardest part in the first 24 hours, besides the pain, was not being able to nurse Khloe. I had my pump so I was set there, but there is something so very heart breaking about watching your little angel sob her every tear because all she wants is to cuddle with her momma and feel safe. It took all I had to not cave in, but somehow the both of us made it through the night and she was relieved to find out the next morning the boobies gave her the green light! :)

I couldn't have gone anywhere with out my little ice pack though. Its the same one I got for my c-section and you can bet your bottom dollar I'm saving this one for future use! Well, that and pain pills. :)

What floored me though, was waking up and finding a hole in my belly button. ummm, ya not even my husband goes near my belly button unless he is willing to lose an appendage. Don't ask me why, but if someone touches/pokes my belly button it feels like it goes through my belly and sends me through the roof! But, honestly, had I known they were going to put a hole in my belly button I would have not done the surgery.


the Kprows! said...

omg! That cracks me up that you wouldn't have done the surgery if you knew before hand they were going to poke through your belly button! I guess it's safe to say that you won't ever have a belly button ring if anything touching your button is off limits :) you would get a kick out of this book I got for Sawyer called Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton. It's so funny. I think I like it more then Sawyer does! Anyway I'm glad your surgery went well besides the pain associated with it. I've heard that once you have kids the chances of getting gall stones goes through the roof. My cousin just had some stones removed and asked her dr. if he would save some of them so she could make earrings out of them!