Monday, February 1, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge Week 2

I have been on a "biggest Loser" challenge at work for going on two weeks now. The first week I did awesome because the weekend before I weighed in, I ate nothing- thanks to my oh so fabulous Gallbladder. I lost 3 lbs. It was awesome. Of course, my appetite returned at full force practically the very next day and I ate everything in sight. *sigh* Why must it be so hard to will your self to not be hungry so you can say "NO!" to those fatty, salty, sweet foods? I just don't get it. So, I wasn't going to put this out there.... but I have no other way to hold my self accountable. So I weighed in today. As figured, I didn't lose, I gained 1/2 freaking pound!  Now the good news is I figured I was up 3+ but I wasn't, so yay me. The bad news is I ate almost a whole bag of yogurt covered pretzels at work today. So I probably DID just gain 3 lbs!  OY! So, I will update you all on my progress. And hopefully I do have progress instead of regression….. because that would be just SAD!  I made a workout schedule with a friend at work and I have every day of the week covered. I figure I can have Saturday & Sunday as lax days, unless I'm feeling motivated then I can still go. Maybe I can drag my husband with me so it wont feel so lonely. If not my work out pal would surely join me.

I also plan to start counting my points again with Weight Watchers. As tasking as it is to me, it really did help. Now if only I had about 10 more hours in a day so I can get everything done and spend the time with my kids like I want to. …


Nicole said...

You can do it sis! There is no better motivation than the fact that you are having a wedding in 6+ months. I can't wait!