Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh the Places She will Go

Khloe is really on the go these days. Its hard keeping up with the girl. Here are some of her favorite things to do;

1) She has to at least once in the day (more so multiple times), climb on the fireplace and scream, laugh, dance and sing. I swear she must thinks she is a rock star or something.

fFebuary 2010 0182) She Loves, loves, LOVES climbing in to things (baskets, boxes, whatever she can fit her tush in, and some she cant. LOL)

fFebuary 2010 025Sometimes her brother joins in on the fun too!

fFebuary 2010 032Or sometimes he gives her ideas on things she can get into.

fFebuary 2010 047   fFebuary 2010 049 fFebuary 2010 053

But then doesn't tell her how to get out. Thankfully she is a smart cookie and can figure it out on her own with the help of  process of elimination…

fFebuary 2010 054 fFebuary 2010 057 fFebuary 2010 055But it is fun watching her explore and learn the world. Its amazing the fun she has with the oddest things. You just put that girl in the middle of the floor with some Tupperware and she is happy as a clam.  I enjoy this stage. They make you enjoy life so much more!


Nicole said...

Ha Ha! That girl is too cute! I love the pics of her standing up in the laundry basket. I can't wait until Sydnie is in the creative exploratory stage. Have fun with your sweet girl!