Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good bye Gallbladder, Hello Surgery

I went and saw the surgeon today. He was incredibly nice, which made me feel very comfortable with him. He told me my options with gallstones and the possibilities that one could be lodged. I didn't like the though of my pancreases digesting itself, or my liver getting infected. So I have “opted” for surgery. Surgery is really my only option. Trust me I asked this more than once. But because I have already created gallstones, my body will only continue to make more and so on. GAH! I'm a lemon I tell you! So this Monday (yes! THIS Monday) at 8:45 in the morning I get to be stabbed in the belly in four different places and my wonderful non- working gallbladder will be squeezed out of my stomach. Wish me luck.


Nicole said...

I will be praying for you sis. Have positive thoughts and get on that track of being healthy and staying healthy. I know it is hard, trust me, I struggle every day, but I KNOW you can do it!