Saturday, February 6, 2010

A day through my eyes

I always think its fun to hear about people’s work. I mean, we spend 90% of our life at our work we may as well get to know it. Right? Well Here is a small picture of my “desk”. I like to call it the hole in the wall because that's what it is. It is my hole in the wall though.


As you can see, charts everywhere. That would be a daily occurrence, and its usually worse than that. But without those, I would be out of a job so for that- I am thankful!


Kelsie said...

So interesting to see your work station!! It is a hole in the wall, so much different from what my office was when I worked for a doctor. But the charts are definatly the same!! :) Enjoyed visiting with ya last you lots.

Nicole said...

I like to see that "other" side of you too. Thanks for sharing!

Kayla said...

Yeah, its not exactly the most Ideal work station. but I guess thats what happens when you convert a hospital floor to an out patient clinic. ;)

It does suck though... and I complain daily. LOL