Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who needs it anyways?

I had my ultrasound today. Boy am I glad I did it in the morning, because you cant eat for 7 hours before. There is no way I could have had the appointment at 2, and I'm sure someone was crazy enough to do that. But the Ultrasound went well. I made myself NOT ask the Tech if he saw anything, because I didn't want any iffy answers. But I did pull some connections and I had one of the doctors at my work call the radiologist and ask him what he thought. But, it is just what I had dreaded.... gall stones. Now I did dread this, because stones in any form of your body is never good. But don't begin to ask me what this means because, HAHA, I have no idea. I will attempt to google and see what they have to say later tonight, but I have an appointment with my new doctor (hopefully I like her!) tomorrow morning to go over the results and, hopefully, discuss options to fix the stones. When I spoke to the doctors at work, they all seemed to think surgery was in my near future. Now, coming from someone that has already had 2 abdominal surgeries.... that doesn't scare me. But, then I remember "oh Yeah" I'll probably have to have surgery on my hands too... and that just stresses me out. I'm a 24 years young and I'm a freaking LEMON!

Tim and I were talking today and unfortunately my family doesn't have the healthiest of Genes. So not only do I need to start taking better care of myself (eating better, exercising regularly, etc..), but I also have to face the fact that no matter how *hard* I try.... it just might not be good enough for fate. Damn fate.

What is a women to do?

Well... its just a gall bladder.... it cant be *that* important if its causing so many problems right?

"Oh yeah".... How in the heck will I have surgery with a boobie lovin baby? Khloe will take a bottle while I'm at work no problem. But don't even try to offer her a bottle while I'm home, she will just laugh in your face. She knows where the goods are, and she wont settle for less.

I cant get ahead of myself though.... maybe there is something I can do other than surgery that I don't know about.

Here is to hoping.


Kim said...

YUCK! Haven't had gallstones, but I have had kidney stones for going on 7 years! I had to have a stint put in at almost 32 weeks pregnant and then had it removed and lithotripsy 9 days after delivery.

Just let your doctor and anastesioligst your nursing and maybe they can give you different meds. You may have to pump and dump for a day like I did.

Good luck!

Kayla said...

My daughter is a boob monger, seriously. Just the few hours after the ER trip when I had to pump and dump were horendouse! UGH.... I might have to just be in a hotel to recover, if thats what I need, bc she will go crazy if she sees me and wants to nurse! LOL

So scary about having kidney stones while your pregnant. Sounds horrid!