Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We have Allergies

We have what? You ask. Allergies. Apparently. Or at least, Khloe does anyways. Who would have thunk it. We have a picky eater, a kid who wont eat anything, and then we have her, a kid who cant eat much. Not because she doesn't want to either. I think she would eat us out of house and home if we let her. But her Pediatrician called us with some startling news this week. Her RAST testing came back positive for a few allergies. I don't know who is all familiar with allergies, so I will just give a brief explanation. Food allergies are classed in 5 classes. 1 being sensitivities (mostly skin)/ mild allergies/ or even false positives. 2-5 is a TRUE allergy, obviously 5 being the very scariest with anyphylaxis. Khloe has 3 class 1; Cows milk- which would explain the hives around her mouth the few times I have given it to her, Green Peas, and Soy Bean. Her pediatrician said that Green Peas is most likely a False positive but to steer clear from it just in case. She said cows milk is likely a false positive as well, unless of course we have already had problems with that, which we have. And soy bean... well.... we just don't know about that one yet. She has 3 class 2 allergies (again, these being the *biggies*; Egg white, Oat, and last but definitely not least... PEANUTS. Yes, Houston, we have a problem.

This has completely flipped our life upside down. This would explain all of the hives, rashes and scary night we have had the past year. Its crazy to think though that we haven't given her much of any of these to really notice it ourselves. I mean we had hives with milk, and just this last weekend a major rash with oatmeal..... but I just don't understand.

Her pediatrician has given us many websites and I have some very supported gals from my Hot Miracle Mommas on BBC who have given me TONS of very useful information. I have yet to go to the sites. I don't think I have really gotten over the shock of finding this out yet, which kind of concerns me. I know soybean, egg whites and peanuts are in almost everything we eat (without knowing), so I really need to start my researching as soon as possible.

I think I just need a day or two to ingest this....


Nicole said...

Hey sis, I looked at the packaging of the pretzels we gave her the other day. It says that soy bean *may* be present. I can't remember if she had a rash though.