Sunday, January 31, 2010

Re-Arranging lifts the heart

Ever since I was a teenager I've always had this thing about rearranging my room. You know moving the bed so it faces a new way, moving the dresser- all that. So when Tim and I moved in together 6 years ago I waited for the perfect move (no pun intended) to start re arranging. I knew as a man, it would come hard for him to adjust to my fetish, but if I waited for the right time he might just be okay with it.

The first time I did it, he just laughed it off like it was a joke. J Really though, the joke was on him. After the 5th time I think he realized that I wasn’t doing it because “the sun was hitting my eyes just right where I sit on the couch”. Hee hee. As I hoped, it didn’t take long for him to just shrug it off and embrace the fact that change is good.

But since we have been living with his parents these last 6 months, it’s not the best place for anything let alone re-arranging. Sadly enough, our bed is in our living room. LOL But as we were doing our deep cleaning today, I suggested that we move the TV “a little to the left” and move the toy shelf a “little to the right” and that all turned into a full out room re-arrange, with HIS help no less. Ahhhh, what great thrill than to re-arrange with your hubby. He was pretty impressed with my abilities to open up the room, and make it look nicer all around. Ya, that’s talent babe.

Tim did make a comment though. He said “I finally realize where you get this ‘hobby’ from” I, innocently, asked him “where”. He said “your mother of course. She has a ‘new’ living room every time we go over there”. I couldn’t do anything but smile. Yup. That is where I get it from. So, answer me this fellow blog readers…… is it just my mom & I who have this ‘hobby’ or is it more common than that? I would like to think it’s not just us.


Kelsie said...

I love to re-arrange, it feels like a whole new clean home. I really am wanting to clean good and rearrange stuff before baby comes but I just cant get in the mood for it...maybe when that nesting instict kicks in...wish it would hurry up! :)

Nicole said...

As I was reading the beginning of this post, I was thinking, " she is just like Mom!" Then, I saw what you said at the bottom and laughed out loud! Mom is ALWAYS re-arranging and it is such a nice feeling. I should do it too. Enjoy the new space!