Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Little Momma

Khloe is such a little momma. She absolutely LOVES her baby dolls! Just adores them. My mom got her a little stroller for her birthday, and she takes her dolls out of it, puts them back in there. She tried to get herself in there over the weekend, but she is a little big for that so it wasnt gonna happen. LOL

Grandpa Tim got her her first cabbage patch doll when she was about 6 months old. Recently she has become very fond of the little bottle that the doll came with. Its pretty funny to see her walk around with that thing. Im not sure if she really thinks its real, or what exactly but I like to watch her play with it. January 2010 172 January 2010 175January 2010 180

And this next one just cracks me up because it looks like she isnt even touching the bottle- which she isnt because it just fell out of her mouth. LOL Kind of looks like a magic trick.

January 2010 176So Silly. It will be fun to see how she does if and when we decide to have another child. Im sure she will be the nurturing big sister. Although… now, I often wonder if TC will grow up with a complex because she beats him up so much. =)