Saturday, January 23, 2010

My time is up

I guess its my turn to need the emergency room. As much as I  hate the ER I usually leave feeling happy because I know my kids are safe and healthy ( or will soon feel that way). Today I went out with my mom & sister. We went by Davids bridal to look at some dresses since Tim & I decided we are going to have our ceremony that we never had, this August. There I wasn't feeling all too hot, and my side was hurting a little bit, but I fought through it. We then went out to eat to Mexican. I started feeling really poorly there. After awhile I had to ditch my family and go to the ER. The pain got so intense I could barely talk through it. It wasn't a constant pain, but it came and went. All my labs came back normal so it wasn't an immediate thing, but I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday this week and will hopefully have some answers. Some of the doctors think its my gallbladder. I think Im worried that its nothing and I wont have any answers that I want. Because how can you fix anything if you don't know what is broken? So I guess now I wait and see.