Sunday, January 10, 2010

I see Blue…..

I haven't had a pedicure in I don't know, months probably. I couldn't really justify the expense this month so I decided I would do it on my own. Even if it turned out looking like a first grader did it. :) So I picked out a bold color and went away painting. Khloe was very interested in what I was doing. You should have seen her intense look as I painted my toes. So I decided what the heck, she stands still while I clip her nails, Im sure she would sit still while I painted her toes. So I took the plunge and sat her in my lap and went away. She just sat there. Watching me paint her toes a bright blue. Until I got to her very last toe…. then I think it dawned on her what I was doing wasn't going to just go away, and that there might be something wrong with her foot. LOL So while she cried I blew on her toes to dry them. She stopped crying to watch me blow on her toes. Well, I think they turned out pretty for someone who doesnt paint toes for a living.

Holidays 2009 050

What's funny though, is now every time she see her toes- she stops and stares at them and then blows on them. It is, seriously, the funniest thing ever. Cracks me up each time.

On another note, I left her with her daddy for a few minutes today while I ran an errand. She was not happy to see me leaving her, so she cried and cried at the foot of the stairs (broke my heart to pieces!). When I came back, I found her like this.

Holidays 2009 047

Tim said that after I left she threw her self on the floor with a big ‘ole cry and then, silence……. when he looked over at her she was out. I knew she was tired when I left and I secretly hoped to come back to her asleep but never expected this. :)


the Kprows! said...

OMG! Khloe is so cute passed out on the floor! That's how I know Sawyer is beyond tired when he won't stop crying and then he'll finally just konk out. Thanks for the comment on my breastfeeding post. I was nervous all day to do it, but seriously I just HAD too! Matt's grandma that we live with is always asking me when I'm going to stop breastfeeding because she thinks it makes Sawyer gassy and it makes me want to scream! To me it just sounds uneducated to tell people NOT to breastfeed, when their are sooooo many health reasons to do it. I totally agree with you that the reason Khloe hasn't had any ear infections has to with that fact that you are nursing here. Which by the way that's amazing that you still are after a whole year! Go you!! I hope to be able to do the same even though I know I'm gonna get a lot of flack for it from my husband's family. I think they all think I'm gonna quit when he's six months, guess they'll be in for a shock! But I feel like it's the one big thing I can do for him to give him a healthy future. Anyway thanks again for the comment, it made me feel a lot better!