Saturday, January 9, 2010

Floating Tacos

You see, in my family dinner was a sanctity. It was a time were we can spend over the stove laughing, reminiscing, and gossiping (and learning of course). Through the years we all have our favorites. Tacos were a big hit! But it's not your ordinary tacos. Its floating tacos. MMMMMM, just talking about it makes me hungry. Hee Hee. Well, for those that dont know what they are I will give you a little run down. Its ground beef with taco seasoning, cheese, fritos, onions (and lettuce, tomatoes , etc as desired) all mixed up. Kinda like a salad. Anywho, with my sister here we have a lot of fun making them. It brings us back to the good 'ole times. Here are a few pictures of us making the Famous Floating Tacos.

You have no idea how hard it is to get my husband to smile for the camera. I must have a talk with his mother because you would think he never had pictures taken when he was a child. =)


January 2010 143

Then of course, there is my sister (my partner in crime), who knows how its done and can sport a picture! January 2010 150But I can say that I always get the worst jobs when we make the FT. Its cutting up the onions and tomatoes. Usually I also grade the cheese, but I was able to talk Tim into doing that for me. But in honor of myself, I thought I would share a picture of my fabulous job. While we are talking about onions here, is it just my sister & me who are weird, or does anyone else like eating raw green onions too??

January 2010 153

Khloe was ever so patiently waiting for us to be done. She has learned to sign “more” and “eat” recently and here I caught a small glimpse of her doing “more”. Although I think she had just finished. But close enough right?

January 2010 163What a great night we had. I really hope to have fun with my kids and show them how much fun cooking can be. Who am I kidding im not a big cook….. but still cooking can be fun with the company you have.