Friday, January 22, 2010

Cousin Time

Khloe is such a lucky girl to be able to grow up with so many cousins! Really she is. To top it off she has Miss Sydnie Leigh who is 6 months younger than her, Miss Cami who is about 7 months younger than her and will soon have 1 more cousin who will be just a little over a year younger than her (which that whole year wont matter in a couple years because they will still be best buds!). Not to mention the 4 older cousins she already has.

Since my sister has been in town, its been so nice watching the girls (Sydnie & Khloe) getting used to each other and more aware of each other. At first Sydnie wasn't too sure of Khloe because Khloe was all over the place and trying to smack Sydnie and pull her hair every chance she gets. She still tries to smack her and ndpull her hair, but now Sydnie is doing a little bit of her own! =) Of course though, the pictures I got from the other night only show my fabulous daughter at her best…….. but, I regress.



January 2010 093January 2010 102

January 2010 096    This one makes me laugh because it looks like Khloe is about to lick Sydnie. But she was really just giving her a kiss. Such a sweet girl. January 2010 103She really is going to miss Sydnie when she leaves this week- so will I!But thankfully I know we will see her soon.