Thursday, December 31, 2009

1 Year Stats and..... what?

I was very excited to see how much Khloe weighed. I mean, with TC I had no idea what to expect and for the last 3 years he has been at the same weight even with us shoving fatty foods down him right and left. So far, Khloe has made me proud with having her mothers caboose ( a much cuter version of course). She has consistently stayed above the 50% for at least the last 11 months. So I con'd Tim into coming with me to the appointment, leaving TC home with Tim & Carol. I told him it would be much easier than totting a busy 1 year old, diaper bag, purse and such all while getting things in order to see the doctor. He apparently felt bad enough and went with no arguments. Khloe isnt a very trusting girl, it takes awhile for her to get used to people or situations. I think she was completely out of her sanctuary because the minute we walked in the building she wouldnt let me set her down or even let her Daddy hold her.

We talked to the doctor about all of our worries with her rashes and hives and such. We were starting to wonder if it was a bigger deal than all the other doctors (mostly ER) were portraying it. Her pediatrician seemed to be on board with us and said that her being one, is a good indicator there is a possible food allergy if she is having hives. So, she suggested we have a RAST allergy test done. We thought that would be the best thing for her at this point.

So I let Tim be the bad guy and he held Khloe while she had her shots, and then we trucked over to the lab so Tim could hold her down again to get her bloo drawn for the RAST testing. SO glad that is over and done with!

So... Drum roll please.........

Khloe's One Year Stats:
Weight: 22.13 (75%)
Length: 30.5 (90%)
Head: 18.1/4 (90%)

She has gone down a bit in weight, but that is to be expected since she has been walking since she was 11 months and crawling since she was 8 months. Her pediatrician said that she would actually probably drop off more in weight between now and 15 months. Well... we will just have to prove her wrong, won't we?

Now we just wait on the results. She said it would be about 5 days.