Thursday, December 31, 2009

NYE 2009

We have been so blessed to have my sister here enjoying these holidays with us. We only wish our whole family could be here to celebrate it with us as well... that would truly be a miracle.

This NYE we kept it low key, of course. With two babies and a gimp (aka me)that's really all you can do! :) So Tim, TC, Khloe and I all headed out to My moms. Just barely beating the crazy snow storm that plagued most of the valley with slid offs on the freeway. We met my mom, sister, Sydnie and Lorita and had a wonderful dinner. We played some cranium and goofed off... all in time to ring in the New Year with the ones we love. We had a midnight (literally) sparkling cider toast, captured by our famous Mr. Camera Self timer. ;)

We tried to get the babies to sleep, but I think they wanted to stay up and party with the rest of us. So because it was a special occasion.... we allowed it.

Then someone (my mother of all people) had a crazy idea to go outside and build a snowman in the front yard. You all know I'm game for a little craziness. So Tim, My mom, Khloe, TC & I all went out there and had a great time. Khloe and I watched, as she was too little to do anything and I was the gimp of course so I stood on the sidelines... taking pictures. I was very surprised the snowman turned out as well as he did. I was even more impressed on how FAST Tim made his body. He said it was prefect snow, I say it was talent.