Friday, December 4, 2009

The Love Of Siblings

Its hard to understand, unless you have a brother or sister. Or Maybe its just a younger sibling thing, but I doubt it. Its that deep feeling that when your sitting next to your sib that you just cant help but to turn around and pinch them. Or when they want you to stop doing something, that drive to keep doing it until they finally throw a shoe at your head. Yup. Sibling love. Its the funnest thing to watch.... as an outsider anyways. I had my fair share of it growing up, and the fun part is witnessing my children share it. TC is only 35 lbs, and Khloe is somewhere past 20. She is just shy from being as tall as he is and weighing as much as he does and she is 3 years younger. I wouldnt doubt it that in a years time.... she will be chasing him. Already, she tackles him to the ground. Here is prrof: