Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Kids See Santa

We have made a tradition to go see Santa while he visits the mall each year. Last year we didnt do it bc Khloe was just born and life was just too hectic for something like that. But TC has two pictures from previouse years that he cherishes. I really enjoy the pictures too, because One year really is a short time, but kids change so much in one year its incredible. The Santa never really changes that much, and so all the changes are with the kid.
Here is the first time we took TC to see Santa 3 years ago.

And now Here is our Picture from this year. Mind you, we stood in line for over one hour & the kids were tired, hungry- even though we made sure to eat before we went- and just ready to go home. TC was a champ, despite the cheesy grin that he had been practicing while we stood in line. But poor Khloe.... here the picture can explain it all.....

Khloe officially, does NOT like Santa!


the Kprows! said...

that santa looks like an authentic santa clause! He even has twinkly eyes! I wonder if he has a resume made up for being a professional santa clause. well you have to admire him for having a good hold on your daughter. she looks like she was trying to break loose and run away! i love your son's grin!