Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kid's Christms Photo Op

What is it with kids and pictures? Why cant they sit still for just 5 whole minutes to take some nice pictures so we can remember this time? I dont get it. No matter how hard I fight, how loud I yell.... These kids want nothing to do with pictures. Do you know how hard this is for me???
Khloe didnt want to let go of the candy cane....

The TC was ready and willing (minus the candycane on his face), but Khloe wanting NOTHING to do with it
Then TC got goofy, and Khloe was just pissed at this point.

But the joking all aside, its THESE things we remember. Its the fun we have doing, making the memories that count. not the pictures.
Although, pictures would be nice to have in case someone has a bad memory... (like me lol)