Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Khloe Ann!!!!

Today you are officially not a baby anymore. So they say anyways. But you'll always be my baby. Today you are a big girl, you are a toddler. Today we celebrate the day you blessed us and came into our family on December 12, 2008. Happy Birthday sweet baby girl. Momma Loves you!!!

Getting a birthday snuggle & kiss from Daddy. Before the guests arrive. We were getting kind of worried, because it had been snowing the whole night and continued to snow and the roads were terrible (reminding me of the same time last year).
Mommy did her best, and made you a cake- ok three- all on her own. nothing fancy of course, but it was all for you to SMASH into anyways so it really didnt matter.
You werent really sure what you were supposed to do when Daddy brought you your cake & candle to blow out.
Then you got into it and decided to throw your hand in it, but then realized you wanted nothing to do with what was on your hand! LOL The wonderful, thoughtful little girl you are, tried to share with mommy.... but I didnt want it either.
We put you in your high chair and thought you might like it better in there. To our surprise, you still wanted nothing to do with your cake....but you looked awfully cute with your birthday hat and bib.

You looked absolutely as cute as can be in your little tutu.

TC was MORE than happy to sport a pink Princess birthday hat to celebrate his sisters party.... well, there was chocolate cake involved so he was just happy. :)

We got lots of very nice-girly- presents from our freinds. Thank you very much!
Happy Birthday big girl! I hope this year brings you with as much joy as this year has brought us! To many more years of greatness my love!


The Stimpsons said...

How cute! Looks like she loved the cake. What a cute family.