Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Tree

We found a really nice Christmas tree lot that was selling Christmas trees. It wasnt like any ordinary Christmas Tree lot. They will giving all proceeds to needy families. So we bundeled up the fam, and ventured their way. Surprisingly enough, we picked the first tree we saw. It was perfect. Well, Besides it being Freezing cold!

This year was especially nice, because TC is really into decorating and prepping things for Santa. He enjoyed putting the candy canes on the tree
(Notice the half smile? Its not the best picture of it, but its there. This kid can make you pee your pants with that smile if your not careful. Its hilariouse. Ive never been able to actually catch a full out one either).Khloe enjoyed eating them. LOLGrandpa slipped in a Jelly bean candy against my approval..... but she survived it. :) It took her awhile to figure out how to open it, but once she did... there was no going back.

I am a little bit sad that we wont be putting our presents out until Christmas Eve. It is for the better. Since there are too many kids/babies/dogs that will get into them before hand. But I just remember growing up that there was presents under the tree for the whole month of December. Ahwell, right. 'Tis the Season.....