Thursday, December 31, 2009

Carpal Tunnel Injections

While I was pregnant with TC, I developed numbness in my hands. I was told it was completely normal during pregnancy, and to not worry. I think I was also laughed in my face by my brother, who actually had "real carpal Tunnel". So I went on with my life, with my hands numb occasionally and eventually after I had TC it went away. I forgot about it for the most part until after I had Khloe. It came back, and this time I t was a lot different. Now, every time I use my Right hand (occasionally the Left) my hand goes numb and I have to stop doing whatever it is I am doing. I have to always be careful of how my hand is, make sure it stays down so the blood flow can continue into my hand. Its very annoying. Especially when I'm trying to work or hold Khloe, that's when its most annoying. So, I decided to bring it up to the doctors I work with. One doctor was nice enough to give me a real quick EMG that showed I did in fact have severe CTS in both hands. They suggested having CTS (carpel Tunnel syndrome) injections with another doctor. SO I went today to have them done, and Oh WOW did it hurt! Not to mention that for almost 2 hours after the injections my hands were permanently numb (apparently, this was supposed to happen). I am also supposed to wear these braces on my hands, at all times. Even while working. I cannot tell you the PITA these things bring to my daily life. I hate them, already. Good times in our neighborhood, and what a way to spend New Years Day. Well, maybe. Unless of course your the unlucky one who has to where these...