Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who is this baby?

Over the last few days, Khloe has taken to standing on her own, not touching anything, for an extended amount of time. I have been saying she will be walking on her own before Thanksgiving, but I guess not. Go figure she does it the week AFTER Thanksgiving. Gotta prove mommy wrong right? :) On Friday she took 6 steps on her own, just to get to me. She has trouble stabling herself if we are trying to make her do it, but if she isn't thinking about it she can get pretty far. Especially if she is after something she really wants. Like soda cans. She gets to those things faster than you can catch her, and before you know it you have spilt Diet cherry Dr Pepper (which is red, and stains...go figure). So, after a few messes, I staged it. I set an empty can in the middle of the floor and just waited. Sure enough, a few moments later she walked to the can, picked up and brought it to her mouth- all while standing on her own. I was ready though, so I caught in on camera. Go me!

I think she felt very liberated with her new hobby. Once I took the can from her she walked a little more ways, with a little guidance and then plopped right on her tush. But she had the biggest and cutest grin imaginable.

And tonight, she surprised me again. I have never been able to give this child a binky, and keep it in her mouth. I was/am not an advacator for those things but, she seriously needed one when she was younger. So I tried and tried and tried. I bought way too many of those darn things, and she refused. Each and every one of them. So, tonight, out of the clear blue, I catch her playing with something in her mouth. upon investigating, I find this in her mouth.

And of course, she just thought my reaction of disbeleif was hysterical. Either that or she enjoyed the photo shoot! Jeesh.... the things kids drag you through....