Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today I am Thankful

That when I get home from work, I leave all my daily stresses at work where they belong. When I come home I am greeted with big happy smiles and warm hugs. Well, Khloe cries when she sees me, but thats just because she is soo excited and if she cant have me right that second she will start to WAIL! I've come to embrace that.Seriously I will have to record it sometime because it is hilarious. I can peek around the corner to the living room, before anyone knows Im home, and there she is playing. Happy as a clam. But the minute I announce my arrival, she cries. I know its a happy cry, but a cry none the less. She is fine while I am gone, and she is with her daddy, but I know when 5 o'clock comes... she is missing me too. Its her mommy time, and she better get her soon.

But I think we miss eachother about the same....

TC I dont think misses me as much anymore, and thats ok. I still get nice bear hugs when I get home..

And eventually, I get a nicer hug... the hugs I used to get when he wasnt soooo, strong. Man does that little guy have some punch. :) Love him to peices though, and I am happy he has been enjoying school as much as he has. Today he told me he "loves his sister MORE than the world." Really, I dont think Khloe could possible have a better brother than him. He takes really good care of her and really has her best interest at heart.