Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Cant beleive its this time already. Time to enjoy family, good food and give thanks for lifes many blessing! Nicole came in on the Friday before with Sydnie, and shortly followed by Jase and Rob. Then we all made the trek to Mountain Home to have dinner with Aunt Dawn & Uncle Steve and their kids. It was good times. Lots of good food and football of course (not that I paid any attention to it this year). We Tried getting TC to eat some turkey, and he made him self sick (go figure). So instead, he ate a potatoe roll & some fruit. Jealous? I didnt think so! LOL It was lots of fun this year, especially since we had to First Timers. Miss Khloe Ann (11 months)

And Miss Sydnie Leigh (7 months)

My had a fabulouse time with both the babies. You know, she is a very good babysitter. Too bad neither Nicole & I have used her skills too much since we both cant leave our babies for a second.... so she gets her 'fix' in when we are visiting (or I go hang out with her, since we live so close).

Gotta add one of me and my sweet neice in her oh so cute (and expensive) Thanksgiving outfit!

Then Nicole & I went outside for a mini photo op, and got a few pictures of our families. Here is the best of Tim & I ( even though, its not the best we could have done, but oh well).

Once we got home, I realized I was a bad mom & Aunt and didnt take very many pictures of TC & Jase. But I did realize that they were both always playing with the older cousin in the back bedrooms so they werent exactly 'there' when I was taking pictures. But anyways, here is Jase & TC at Mimi's after the big celebration playing in their PJ's.