Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009, Take two!!

Don't you just love split holidays? We do! That always means, twice the family, twice the food and twice the fun! Score! ;) The day after Thanksgiving we had a big dinner with Tim's parents and his sister and her family. They were so gracious to invite my mom, sister and her family as well. We really should have just had one big dinner, but in all honesty, Carol ( my mother in law) REALLY enjoys cooking and I think wouldnt go for that. Even if it was much more time efficient. But alas, we all had a GREAT time!

Tim & I had a couple of things we were bringing to the table, to so we started making things & before we knew it we couldnt do much because Khloe was a t our feet crying (literally) for attention & snuggle time. It was way past her nap and she just needed her mommy. So we strapped her in the ergo that my sis loaned us last month and voila- I had to hands and room to move. After a few short minutes, there was silence. Low and behold, Miss Khloe was fast asleep.

Man I wish I had one of those things! I gave it back to my sis this weekend, so we dont have that to fall back on anymore. Darn it! Hint, Hint, Honey..... this would be a good Christmas Present. Moving on.

Here is everyone feasting (well, everyone except me).

And of course I wont let my son live this one down. See all that great homeade food in the picture above? Well my son, the pick eater, had frozen Jose 'Ole tacos. Yes, Frozen! I think thats against the law somewhere, its a sin to say the least. But I told him I would never let him forget it either, so here is the evidence...

Syd was talking away at the table. I think she was telling her mom to let her have some of the good food that was smelling so yummy, but you can decide for yourself.

After all my family left, Football was on (go figure). Cami & Khloe were playing on the ground. Earlier in the day Christina (Tim's Sister) gave her Daughter Cami ( 7 months) a pickle. So Amanda & Madie (Christinas other daughters) brought pickles over and Khloe got her first taste. She wasnt too sure of it at first, and even gave it a weird look like "WHAT is that?!" here is a picture for you.

Before you know it the pickle was GONE! SO she must have liked it. But we did try to give her another one and she wanted nothing to do with it! haha
Cami & her played on the floor having a great time together. Camie isnt crawling yet, but I wouldnt doubt she did surprise her parents and become mobile soon. I think spending her days with her older cousin Khloe teaches her a thing or two. I asked Khloe to give her a kiss, and to everyone in the room's surprise she leaned in and gave her a smooch.

I was pretty surprised too. Khloe doesnt just hand out kisses when you ask, or to anyone at that. I could count on one hand how many kisses I have received, and I only ask a few times a day. :) Lucky girl!
Last but not least, I must add that Khloe looked stunning in her cute dress! She is getting so big and looks all grown up (well... as grown up as an 11 month old can look).
What a great day it was! Carol always out does her self and makes the best food! Really I don't hink I could ever come close to making food that tastes half as good as hers.