Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A New Leaf

So, My Oldest child, TC, is the pickiest eater there is. Seriously, he has been picky since the day he was born, and continued on. Recently he had his tonsills and adenoids out in the hopes it would help.We havent seen any big changes yet, but they say it could take a few months before we do. My son's food consists of PB&J ("With NO Jelly, Please" he says), Frozen tacos, chicken nuggets, pancakes, a variety of fruit and snacks. Yes, thats IT! We load him up with vitamins and he has at least one special milk (carnation good start) a day, along with whole vitamin D milk (anything to add the extra fat in). Today though, out of the clear blue, he decides to turn over anew leaf. Apparently. Tim bought some Kiwi's the other day at the store and told TC he was going to make him try some ( Tim has far less patience with TC than I do, and I think its bc I am a picky eater so we have an.... understanding). So, tonight, Tim tells TC "I want you to try some Kiwi, tonight", TC says "ok Daddy. I've never had that before. So I might like it. Or I wont. But I'll try a Little peice". I was shocked, and speechless but wasnt about to make a peep that could potentially change his mind, so I just watched as Tim cute a little peice off the kiwi and handed it to TC. TC said, "ohhhh, its a KIWI! Dora eats these!" He took a bite, and I think both Tim and I were leaning over our chair waiting on pins and needles hoping he would actually like it. You wont beleive it, he actually like it!!! He said it was sour, most likely because it wasnt ripe. He said "but I like sour, so I like this". What a fantastic night it is! My son ate Kiwi!!!!