Monday, November 23, 2009

I love my sissy....

It took me awhile to realize how great my parents were to me. I mean really, who is as lucky as me to have a best freind in a sister. That was my gift from my parents. OK, maybe there are people out there, but I'd be willing to bet they dont have anywhere near the relationship I do with mine.

It started when we were kids. We did something mischevious and got sent to seperate rooms, made some type of morse code (aka knocks through the touching closets) so we could talk. I mean really who does that? We do. Who else fights as bad as we have, really I swear I never pushed her through that back door window... she did THAT on her own. And I didnt hit that maxima either, SHE did.... I just kept the secret. I dont think anyone else could make me laugh as haard as she does either, laying away at night in our beds making Elvis faces. Nothing is as better as she is. And noone knows me like she does. All it takes is one look, and thats it- she KNOWS! Cant keep anything from that girl. I wouldnt want to know, nothing is better than sharing it with her. So this blog, is to my sister. My confidant. My shoulder to cry on. My wise ears :). My Best freind. Love you Sissy!!!