Monday, November 23, 2009

The days go by Faster and Faster

Before I know it my daughter will be one years old. It seems like yesterday I was getting ready to go to the hospital to have my sweet baby girl, and now Im staring down the road to school. Jeesh, cant a mom get a break? Things have been crazy lately, with family holidays and work (oh, and Im sure the fun has just begun). I did manage to pick out Khloe's Tutu for her small Birthday party. Nothing big & fancy, well nothing bigger than necessary. I havent quiet picked out the top portion, as you can tell below, but I needed to make sure the colors were right for her so I had to try it on. She was having one of "her" nights and wanted nothing less to just be held by mommy. So I quickly snapped a picture so I, and everyone else, can see her in her birthday suit. More of less.

As it seems, I am a smidge behind on updates. Isnt that fantastic? Well, lets see.... Khloe has 5 teeth. No she has not bit me yet and I promised her the day she did she would be done nursing. She seems to get it so I told her she can continue on. :) Over the weekend she took 2 unassistaed steps. I was tempted to push her over so that she didnt get that milestone. I meana really, once they start walking, its all over. No more cuddles, no more hugs...... just disaster in a diaper. Instead, I watched with a big smile on my face. Im sure it wont be long before she is full fledged walking. I bet Thanksgiving, but I may have to settle for next week. Her vocabular consists of "Mama", "dadda", & "Bubba". Ive been working on Doggie... but all I get is "Deeeeeeeeee"..... close enough right? Oh I must not forget her favorite, aside from Momma, she learned the very best. LOL "NO!" She has it down perfect to gets her pointer finger out and shakes it NO..... she also does the cuter version and says no, no, no, no, no, NO while she shakes her head no. Cute, until she realizes what it means. LOL