Friday, October 23, 2009

BBC Hot Miracle Momma Meet Up

So, some of you may know I am involved in a online "mom forum". Those of you that dont know, I went to Babycenter when I found out I was pregnant with Khloe. Just like I did when I was pregnant with TC. But I found something this time I didnt. I went to a forum where everyone was due the same month (January 2008). I found an even smaller thread that everyone was due 12-31-08 to 1-15-08 (Im not sure on the exact dates, but you get the idea). I went there when I found out, so I was 6 weeks along. It became a habit, I learned lots of good information and eventually I went there everyday and it started forming into freindships. Sometime after the kiddos were all born, we went to a private board. Now there are only 35 of us, and 36 beautiful babies!

I cannot say how much all 35 of these women ahve affected my life because its hard to put in words. But think of your best freind and multiply that by 35 and you might start to get an idea. These women have been there for me through the worst and I can never begin to repay them.

Well anyways let me get to my story. We decided that we would like to meet each other,, because our daily check ins only went as far as our own living rooms, but yet we talk about the most private things. The only problem is we are so spread it, a meet up would logically not be possible. So one of our bright mommas came up with an idea to send a letter to Oprah, then we decided what they heck and we all sent letters to Oprah, Ellen, Racheel Ray... all in the hopes someone would support a meet up for us and get us together. But that didnt happen. So, we made the best of it and for all that could, we planned a meet up in Kansas City, KS in October 2009. As some of you may know Tim & I arent in the best position financially and well, there was really no way I could get myself let alone myself and kids to KC in the next 2 years. I was bummed. But as I said, these mommas rally together and things get done. One, verry special momma offered up her fly miles so that Khloe and I could come to the Union. I am forever indebted to this person. Someday I plan to do something very special for her, in return.

So it looks like I am able to go to the biggest event in my life (secondary to my childrens birth and the day I wed my husband! XXOO) I cannot beleive this! Not only do I get to witness this fabulouse event, but I also get to travel farther than Utah! Double Wami! ;)

So I packed up my beautiful daughter and off we went through the 3 leg flight (never been on one of those either, whew). I roomed with 2 beautiful mommas and a wonderful hotel and I cannot begin to tell you the fun I had. Besides the fact I ended up getting sick when I got there ( air sick bla!) and Khloe was horribly sick with a cold, which flying just intensified. We basically rented out the hotel, and ate and visited. 3 fun filled days with some of the most wonderful women I know. Really.... it couldnt get any better. Well, maybe it could by having more time with them. Which we have vowed to make this a bi-annual thing, with alternating east-west-mid coast. Next year I am excited to say it will be West Coast, woohoo!

So here are some pictures to share