Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer days

It is now Summer, or it shouldbe anyways. It's been rainy here like it is Spring, but summer is here. Its been busy at work, and my kids are growing up!

TC is going to be 4 on June 30th. We are having a little party at Tim's Parents house, and even though it will be small, I am very excited for him. He has transitioned well into his own room (again), and he is such a big helper with his sister. I dont think I could have asked for a better bond between them. He just adores her, and her the same to him. He loves helping when it has something to do with her, even throwing away the messiest diapers! ;) He has been into asking lots of questions about things, like "why is that a canal and not a river?", he just seems like such a big guy to me now and not so much my little baby. If that makes any sense at all.

We also recently, took the kids on both of their first camping trip. We went up to New Meadows, which is near Mccall. TC caught his first fish.

He thought that was pretty cool, until the fish started to jump and then TC kinda wigged out. But thats OK. Khloe had a few firsts too. She went swimming for the first time at the warm springs.

Since then, she has been sitting up on her own too.

She is 6 months now and no teeth (thank God!) and not crawling, but she melts my heart to peices with one look like this